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CNT Name Manufacture Year Images
1 1102 Litronix Calculator litronix  
2 18R Rockwell Calculator Rockwell 1975
3 21 Hewlett PackardCalculator Hewlett Packard  
4 21-P1 Unisonic Blackjack Unisonic Calculator Unisonic  
5 2230 Litronix Calculator litronix  
6 2260 Litronix Calculator litronix  
7 41CV Hewlett Packard Calculator Hewlett Packard  
8 4520 Scientist Novus Calculator NOVUS  
9 606 6 digit Omron calculator Omron  
10 661D Sperry RemingtonCalculator Sperry Remington  
11 728 Unisonic Calculator Unisonic  
12 784D Commodore Calculator Commodore  
13 813T UniMark Calculator UniMark  
14 8413 Micro Algebra Kingspoint Corporation Calculator Kings Point  
15 886D Commodore Calculator Commodore  
16 8R Rockwell Calculator Rockwell  
17 A-Wing Tiger 1997
18 attachmate Java One 2002 promotional CMI Co, LLC  
19 BJ-21 Black Jack / Calculator Enterprex ENTERPREX  
20 BJ-21 Black Jack / Calculator Enterprex ENTERPREX  
21 C208 Commodore Calculator/10 key Commodore  
22 Calculator - Scientific Graphic Casio  
23 CFX-9800G Color Power Graphic Casion Calculator Casio  
24 Citation Texas Instruments Calculator TI  
25 CP202 Montgomery Ward Calculator Montgomery Ward  
26 Custom GL997R Commodore Calculator Commodore  
27 CX-2570 Solar Sanyo Calculator Sanyo  
28 Datamath Texas Instruments Calculator TI  
29 Dukes of Hazzard Calculator  
30 e311 accumatic LLoyd's Calculator LLOYD'S    
31 EC-100 Radio Shack Calculator Radio Shack  
32 EC-21 Black Jack/ Calculator Radio Shack Radio Shack  
33 EC-220 Radio Shack Calculator Radio Shack  
34 EC-314 Radio Shack Biorhythm Computer/Calculator Radio Shack  
35 EC-476 LCD Scientific Radio Shack Calculator Radio Shack  
36 EC260 Chronomath Radio Shack Calculator Radio Shack  
37 EL-5100S Scientific Sharp Calculator Sharp  
38 EL-5520 Scientific Sharp Computer Sharp  
39 EL206 Elsi Mate Sharp Calculator Sharp  
40 F4902 Commodore Calculator Commodore  
41 GL-997RF Commodore Calculator Commodore  
42 GL986R Commodore Calculator Commodore  
43 JE-860U Panasonic Calculator Panasonic  
44 Jobber II Boyd Conbersion Calculator Boyd  
45 Kosmos 2 - Biorhythm Computer/Calculator Kosmos  
46 Lady 1200 Texas Instruments Calculator TI  
47 LC-800 DATAKING Calculator Dataking, Inc.  
48 LD-8M 3 Palmtronic Canon Calculator Canon  
49 Mark 66r APF Calculator APF  
50 MARK-50 APF Calculator APF  
51 MARK-6 APF Calculator APF  
52 Math... To Go! Texas Instruments Calculator TI  
53 Mathematician National Semiconductor National Semiconductor Corp.  
54 Minuteman 2 Commodore Calculator Commodore  
55 MM2SR Commodore Calculator Commodore  
56 MM3S Minuteman Commodore Calculator Commodore  
57 Monkey Professor Radio Shack  
58 PC-1 GPA Gillette Calculator Gillette Co.  
59 PC-1250A Sharp Pocket Computer Sharp  
60 PC-1250A Sharp Pocket Computer Sharp  
61 PC-1261 Sharp Pocket Computer Realpro Innovations with printer Sharp  
62 Pocket Computer Nixdor LK-3000 w/Filing System mod Nixdorf  
63 Pocket Computer TRS-80 PC-3 Radio Shack  
64 Quick Dialer 50 Casio Calculator Casio  
65 Snoopy Math & Game missing part sw Canon  
66 SR-10 Texas Instruments Calculator TI  
67 SR-1800 Commodore Calculator Commodore  
68 SR-20 Texas Instruments Calculator TI  
69 SR-40 Texas Instruments Calculator TI  
70 SSR-8 Sperry RemingtonCalculator Sperry Remington  
71 statesman thin Radio Shack Calculator Radio Shack  
72 The MBA Texas Instruments Calculator TI  
73 TI-1500 Texas Instruments Calculator TI  
74 TI-30 Texas Instruments Calculator TI  
75 TI-82 Texas Instruments Calculator TI 1991
76 TI-95 Chemical Engineering Library Cartridge TI 1986
77 TI-95 Mathematics Library Cartridge TI 1986
78 TI-95 Statistics Library Cartridge TI 1986
79 US*1 Commodore Calculator Commodore  
80 US*3 Commodore Calculator Commodore  
81 US*8 Commodore Calculator Commodore  
82 V Travellers Calculator Travellers  

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